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How To Build a Deck – DIY Decking

Building a deck is easy…well it is once you have completed over 1,000 decks and associated projects in the last 15 years, within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich suburbs.

But can any home handyman build a deck and instantly become a DIY decking expert?? After all, you do want to have a lasting timber deck, at the right price and a deck that can be used, all year round.

Is building a deck really as easy as the home renovation shows like “The Block” make out??

DIY Decking – Made Easy

In 2013, the Timber Development Association, also known within the industry as TDA, released a great and very informative guide for the DIY decking expert, which is called Domestic Deck Design Guide.

This (very helpful) TDA Domestic Deck Design Guide includes details on decking materials, deck frame, timber posts, timber bearers, timber joists and maximum joist spacing, recommended hardware, decking and deckboards including nail fixing, screw fixings and concealed fixing, timber durability, the preservative treated timber hazard levels, bushfire construction requirements, balustrade and handrails, deck maintenance, tannin, iron stains from iron or steel filings and resin bleed.

However, sometimes the more you find out, the less you actually know….

Deck Builders Brisbane and Deck Builders Gold Coast

If, after reading the TDA Domestic Deck Design Guide, you feel that your decking project is proving to be too big a challenge (and let’s face it…there is a lot to know), then you may want to give the most experienced deck builders in Brisbane and the most experienced deck builders on the Gold Coast a call to assist you.

After all, you will only really get one chance to do your decking project properly. So why not remove all the uncertainty or worry of the project by letting Designer Decks assist you.

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