Is Your Deck Safe?

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A deck is the perfect place to spend time enjoying yourself and entertaining with friends and family. A well built and maintained deck offers a safe haven for outdoor living.

However a poorly built or weathered deck can mean disaster. Unfortunately a deck collapse can cause unnecessary and often serious injuries.

There are numerous reasons for a deck collapse including the age of the timber decking, poor maintenance, termite activity, hardware rusting and improper building methods.

A general rule of thumb is the older the deck, the more likely the deck will need to be checked for its safety.

10 Point Deck Safety Checklist

At Designer Decks, we have a “10 Point Deck Safety Checklist” to ensure that your deck is safe to enjoy. This includes:

  1. Determine the type of timber used and its estimated age
  2. Determine the type of hardware used and its estimated age
  3. Review of the pole plate connection to the house
  4. Review of the posts and footings / foundations
  5. Review of the post to bearer connection
  6. Review of the joists connection
  7. Review of any stairs
  8. Review of decking used, including fixings
  9. Review of the handrail / balustrade
  10. Review of any termite activity

The “10 Point Deck Safety Checklist” finishes with a conclusion on whether the current deck is safe.

If it is deemed to be unsafe, then a recommendation of what works should be performed to make it safe is included.

Please call us on 1300 693 325 if you would like us to perform a 10 point deck safety checklist.