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Patios Gold Coast, Patios Brisbane

Living on the Gold Coast and Brisbane is all about outdoor living. A patio is the best place to either enjoy a BBQ or simply have a quiet drink with friends.

Patios let you enjoy outdoor living, whilst still being sheltered from the harsh sun or from the rain. A patio can be enjoyed all year round.

Generally Gold Coast and Brisbane houses are orientated so that their living areas open out towards their best aspect, which takes advantage of either water, or garden views, or breezes. So why not add a deck and patio and expand your outdoor living area, by creating an outdoor entertainment area.


Patios Gold Coast – Patio Designs and Patio Ideas

The Gold Coast climate is ideal for outdoor living. So why not invest in a patio, that can be used all year round.

Patio designs and patio ideas include:

  • The size, age and style of your home, relative to your block size,
  • How your patio will maximise your view, relative to your aspect,
  • The type of patio roofing. Different patio roofing types are colourbond roofing, insulated roofing panels or laserlite roofing,
  • Whether your outdoor patio is a flyover roof (ie raised above your house roof) or whether the outdoor patio is attached to your house,
  • Ensuring that your patio receives the maximum benefit of any cooling breezes in summer,
  • Whether your patio will be adversely affected by the harsh westerly summer sun, which suggests that it should be an insulated roofing material.

We recommend that patios seamlessly merge the new outdoor entertainment area with your existing internal room. This can be achieved by the type of posts, adding a bulkhead, style of handrails, balustrades and even adding some greenery or plants. In addition, patios can be further enhanced by outdoor lighting, outdoor ceiling fans, outdoor stairs and even an outdoor kitchen.

Call Designer Decks, your local Gold Coast patio builders, for an obligation free quote and turn your dream into reality…whatever your budget may be.


Patios Brisbane –Patio Designs and Patio Ideas

Brisbane has an ideal climate for outdoor living. So why not invest in a patio that can be used all year round.

Your patio designs and patio ideas should not only compliment your existing house, maximise your views and make the most of any your summer breezes as mentioned above, in Patios Gold Coast, but it should also make the most of:

  • Outdoor lighting so that it sets the mood for the entire area. Outdoor lighting can be positioned either in the patio ceiling or a feature light can be positioned to the underside of the balustrade or even in the timber deck flooring itself.
  • Outdoor kitchens which could include bench tops, sinks, storage cupboards, a bar fridge and even an outdoor pizza oven.
  • Outdoor stairs, if required.
  • Outdoor tv could be included so that you can enjoy your favourite show, in your outdoor entertainment area.

Call Designer Decks, your local Brisbane patio builders today, for an obligation free quote and turn your dream into reality…whatever your budget may be.